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About The Project

The Grand Traverse Distillery project was a great opportunity to really show our development skills based on an established design. It also gave us the opportunity to flex our UX/UI creativity as there were no set designs for alternative devices (i.e. tablets and mobile). We started with a pixel-perfect desktop build from the provided Figma designs and backed our way into a responsive format to suit all devices and platforms. It was a great opportunity and a wonderful challenge!
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Grand Traverse Distillery

The Showcase

As a proud family-owned business, Grand Traverse Distillery took great care in the development of their website's message, aesthetic, and emotion. And they knew that perfect development of the site was crucial to maintain their design efforts. Knowing this, we tried to consider all facets of the website including its development platform. We were able to pull GTD away from WordPress and show them the immense advantages of developing on Webflow. Once we were able to establish the environment on the Webflow platform, the rest was a piece of cake!

Mock-ups built by EKMPIs.Graphics


Although Grand Traverse Distillery already had a desktop version of their website designed they knew that mobile accessibility was crucial. They leaned heavily on our skillset to accurately and respectfully translate their design and vision to fit all other devices. As UX/UI is a specialty of ours, we were happy to take on the challenge and couldn't be happier with the results and GTD's feedback.

Images directly from Grand Traverse Distillery

Special Features

As Grand Traverse Distillery sells its products in more places than just their tasting rooms, it was vital to provide a means in which customers could easily locate where they could purchase GTD's beverages. We were able to easily achieve this by dropping in a custom, familiar, and user-friendly searchable map!

Mock-ups built by EKMP

The Feedback

We couldn't be happier with how our website turned out and truly appreciate Evan's passion for something that means so much to the Grand Traverse Distillery family.

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