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Perceptive Sensing came to us looking for an upgrade. They had a site up but they felt it didn't really portray their professionalism or clearly state their message. The Perceptive team was fantastic to work with and was very open to our notes on their content, layout, and visuals. In the end we think we were able to really elevate their overall image.
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Perceptive Sensing


It was crucial for our team to deeply understand what Perceptive Sensing did so that we could accurately articulate their message and product. We dedicated a large amount of time to sitting down with the team and breaking down their content into a clear and effective message. In the end we cut a full page, strengthened visuals, changed the order of their information, and wrapped it up nicely in a new layout.

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And of course it is pixel-perfect on any device!

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The Feedback

Evan brought new life to our website and I think it now more accurately shows who and what Perceptive Sensing really is!
Alberto S.

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