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About The Project

Farmhouse came to us in need of a high-end and professional Crypto Investment site with a quick turnaround for their debut. Challenge accepted! We quickly set to work choosing a "Long-Scroll" landing page format. This allowed for us to get the essentials out there in a clear and concise while still allowing for proper development of the aesthetics.
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Farmhouse Digital

Clear And Concise

And professional. It was these 3 words that really defined this project. Thus we chose the "Long-Scroll" format. This made it easy for us to organize the provided content into a flow that clearly delivered their message. Applying some fun aesthetics and content animations really brought the simplicity to life moving it from "basic" to pro-status.

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The Long-Scroll

Utilizing the "Long-Scroll" format really allowed us to generate a full and robust website with minimal content. It provided the perfect balance of adequate information without seeming too chunky or too thin. And of course applying an appropriate responsive layout allowed for a strong mobile version of the website.

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Clean, Concise, and Professional. Welcome to Farmhouse Digital; Investing in the future of finance.

Mock-ups built by EKMP

The Feedback

Our site looks awesome! Evan really elevated our image and we've already received so much great feedback. It's great to see how our website can have such an impact on our business.
Mike H.

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