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About The Project

We are currently working with Wander, an adventure consulting group, on building out their vision, message, and interactive website. We wanted to include this unfinished project in our portfolio so that our visitors can get a feel of our process and see first hand our fully functional staged websites. Feel to visit this draft and poke around. Although not all the buttons work yet, it should give you a good feel for the direction we are taking.
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Wander Designs

Simple & Fun

As a business whose purpose is to minimize effort and stress during your adventures, it was essential that we build a site that provides the same feel while also ensuring that we deliver Wander’s message.

Mock-ups built by EKMPWander Designs

We did this by creating a one page “Long-Scroll” style website that actually changes depending on the visitor. This means that as you enter the site, you are guided through a cleverly disguised questionnaire to determine what information you need. The chosen site is then brought forward for the visitor. This eliminates unwanted information and allows the visitor to focus on the message.

Mock-ups built by EKMP

Highlighted Features

We had been dabbling with this unique style of a “per- visitor” website concept for some time and when we brought the concept to Wander as a fun alternative to a traditional website, they jumped at the opportunity to be different!

  • Site variable content based on visitor preferences

  • Simplified "Long-Scroll" Architecture

Although this project is still in early development, we are looking forward to seeing this new style of website come to life. You can visit a draft of one version of the site's pages by following the link in the project description. We’d love for you to take a look and let us know your thoughts and how this might be adapted to your business/industry. We thrive on feedback!

Mock-ups built by EKMP

The Feedback

We were incredibly impressed with Evan's Designs. We love the direction he has taken us. His willingness to challenge us has given us some amazing results we never would have had on our own. We absolutely love our new website!

Sarah P.

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