About The Project

GOCO was an incredibly fun E-commerce website project that was developed to promote the GOCO product line. As GOCO is a brand-new clothing line, they began with one product, “The Pullover”. This posed a unique challenge creating a well-balanced site based around one product. GOCO was very happy with the final site and we couldn’t be happier with how the site is handling the scaling of COGO's growth!
Live site
GOCO Clothes

Sleek & Minimalist

The overall goal of this site was to create a well-balanced minimalist style website based around GOCO’s “Pullover”. We accomplished this by scaling back on content and utilizing animation and interaction. Our use of white space also gives great contrast to the Black/White color suite projecting the emotions of power, elegance, and sophistication.

Mock-ups built by EKMP

Like all of our website designs, the GOCO site was created in two versions to better translate to multiple platforms and devices. By doing this, we are able to maintain content balance, interactions, and animations.

Mock-ups built by EKMP

Highlighted Features

This site gave us a great opportunity to implement some very cool engaging content to really build out the site. Both GOCO and our team was super excited to integrate the “Pullover” commercial and interactive pullover image.

  • Auto play video feature on landing page (See below)

  • Live Social Media Integration

  • Interactive Pullover Image

As can be seen below, as you reach the site you are met with a looping GOCO Pullover video. Overcoming attention span and visitor bouncing limitations, this video serves as an excellent attention grabber, encouraging the visitor to stay on site and interact with the content.

Video captured directly from GOCO.comgococlothes.com

The Feedback

Evan was an amazing resource. Anything we asked for was able to be completed in a timely manner and exceeded our expectations!

Charlie G.

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